Monday, February 2, 2009

Well, didn’t I have an interesting Sunday morning!

I went to a friend’s birthday party. Much alcohol was consumed, much singing and dancing went on, and everyone had a great time. I retired to the Hilton (ie tent in the back yard) a bit after 3am. It’s hideously hot here, so I had the windows open and just the screen zipped closed. And it was a good thing...

A bit after 5am, I heard someone calling my name. I sat up to work out what was going on, when I saw my friend in a heap on the ground. Nearly slipping over and breaking my leg, I ran over to find her curled up in the fetal position on the grass. I woke up another friend to help me, and together we got her inside. To cut a long story short, a trip to hospital in the ambulance was ordered, and she is now recovering comfortably at home. Still not sure what happened, but as is usually the case in the Emergency Room, they treat the symptoms, and it’s up to your GP to treat the cause.

Me, I’m now on antihistamines for the horrific mosquito bites I suffered that morning! My feet, hands and arms are particularly bad, but even my legs were bitten through my jeans! Another friend told me her husband has just been diagnosed with Ross River fever, so I’ll have to take care of myself to make sure I don’t end up with it too!

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