Friday, May 1, 2009


I just can't believe how much difference a couple of months can make...

I'm doing really well with my therapy. I've got my fourth visit next week, and I'm finding it so beneficial. Lynette is a fantastic person, and she lets me talk about anything and everything, even if it's not related to my therapy!

I'm still having regular checkups with my doctor as well. He's happy that this medication is better for me. The last one made me sick 24/7. I've had a few side effects on these ones too, but nothing serious. Food tastes weird sometimes, which is a rare side effect, but it doesn't worry me. The doc checks my blood pressure every visit, because apparently these can increase it, but I seem to have gone the other way, and have low pressure!

I'm he happiest I've been in years. Of course I still have my moments, but everyone does. Just because I've got these issues, doesn't mean that medication and therapy is going to make me perma-happy, that's just not realistic. It's still hard at times - I went to a friend's dad's funeral last week, and I'm having work issues, but that can happen to anyone.

Onward and upward!