Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time for an update, perhaps?

As my lovely Bretto has pointed out, I haven't blogged for quite some time. So here I am, a little over a year later. And what has changed? Quite a bit, actually.

I am now completely medication-free! Off the Effexor and all the nasty side effects that came with it. I'm a much happier person now. There are still moments, of course, but that happens to everyone, right?

I'm also officially half-way through my graduate diploma. I'm going very slowly, only one class a semester, but I'm getting there. Dan took me out for lunch to celebrate the day I got my results.

I also risked my life when I contracted pneumonia. Well, at the time I didn't know you could die from it! I was informed of that after I was on the mend. but I survived :)

But the most exciting thing to happen in the past twelve months? I got married!