Wednesday, January 21, 2009


You know something's going on when the boss say, "Bec, have you got a sec?", then asks you about your plans for next month. I instantly assumed, and correctly, it turns out, that I'm needed in Emerald. I said I'd do it, as long as I wasn't there for my birthday.

Turns out my birthday will be smack in the middle of the two weeks I'll be out there for. So they've very generously offered to fly me back home for the weekend of my birthday so my karaoke birthday party plans will not get canned, especially since I started sending invitations this morning!

Emerald isn't that bad a gig - they pay for my flights, put me up at a motel, and depending on which one it is, pay for room service. Every other time I've been out there, I've been offered a car, which I had to politely decline, since I didn't drive, but now I do! But seeing as how I'll only be there for one weekend, hardly seems worth the bother of travel. And it's not every day a girl gets on a plane four times in two weeks. It's a good thing I love flying!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New addition to the family...

Since I can't have pets or children, thest best I can do is this...

I fried the charger of my old camera the other day, but it's had a good innings. I got a $100 gift voucher the other day, so I decided I'd go shopping and see what's around. I came home with this lovely little model. It's just a basic point-and-shoot, but it does what I need it to, so it's all good. It's 10 megapixel and a 2.7 inch display screen, so even blind ol' me can see what I've taken pictures of!
After having a bit of an anxiety attack on Thursday, I decided a little retail therapy was in order. It was $300, reduced to $250, so with the $100 voucher, it only cost me $150... Score!
Well, best go and get myself organised for dinner...
PS... Thanks for the heads up on the purple text... hope this is easier to read!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

First cab off the rank

Well, there's been a mass exodus from MySpace, which is where I've been blogging for the past few years, so I decided to jump on the Blogger bandwagon. And I can post photos here, which is much easier than on MySpace.

So this is going to be a short one, but I'll be back to fill you in on what's happening!